Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meet the Artist: Emskee

I have had the privilege and great pleasure of knowing Emskee (Marc Smith) for several years.  He is a multi talented DJ, musician, radio personality, husband and father.  It's time that more people get to know this very talented man.  He's authentic an original when it comes to spinning and in everything he is and does.

Emskee has been on the  music scene and in the game since he was a kid. Since '91 he has had his hands on records, spinning furiously and spreading his gospel around New York City and the globe including Russia, Mexico, England, Canada, Jamaica and Venezuela. He provokes,  he inspires, raises the dead and never spins the same way twice, which is why when you're on the dance floor exorcising to Emskee you never want the night to end. You won't want to leave even when it's daylight and your stomach is gnawing. You find all the sustenance you need in the music. And the DJ is also the MC. Emskee won't just holla you out of your seat at the party, he's a recording artist, with dozens of acclaimed releases as a solo rapper and as part of the power hip hop/soul group, The Good People, with his partner, The Saint. He also boasts a new collaborative project with Brooklyn producer E The 5th called "The Marc Smith LP", and numerous guest appearances and single releases abroad. 

Emskee currently raises the roof at a monthly all-vinyl party called RECORDNITION, in partnership with Grammy Award winning producer/DJ Easy Mo Bee in New York City. Emskee is the co-creator and host of the cult-followed, deep disco and classic house music event known as the Rare Radio Show on WBAI 99.5fm in New York City. Emskee also held an 11-year residency on the longest running hip hop show in the world (22 years and still broadcasting), the storied J Smooth's Underground Railroad on WBAI. Emskee is also part of the international alliance called the Hoglodytes, with Chubb Nice in England, which feeds the Peace Soup Movement: a drive to fuse music melodies from across the globe with a hip hop base. 

Emskee has always believed in spreading love and respect through music, and sees himself as a curator, an adventure guide, and a shaman. "You don't have to be cool here!" Emskee is known to proclaim on the mic at a party. "And we don't care what kind of car you drive or how much money you make." Emskee just cares about using music to bring people together. He takes his listeners on a journey from which they will emerge changed, yet, closer to their true selves. 

Emskee's varying  and infectious DJ styles are on display:

Twitter:  @djemskee
RECORDnition Party Official on Twitter:  @RecordNition